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About Us

“Back in 2001, I was facing divorce, and I was fretting about how I could raise my two young children while also supporting them financially. I desperately wanted to work from home, but my prior work experience consisted of 10 years of delivering newspapers in the middle of the night. I found out my friend had a small home-based medical billing business, so I contacted her. I begged and pleaded with her to give me something to do, until she finally got tired of my calls and relented. A couple of months after I’d been working as an independent contractor for her, she approached me and asked if I wanted to buy the company from her. I was absolutely thrilled! It came with 6 clients at the time, and my friend taught me what she knew so that I could be a good biller to those few accounts.  In those days, I was making about $1,000/month, not even enough to support my little family. But giving up was not an option.

A couple of years later, I set up a booth for the first time at a national conference with about 300 providers in attendance. I was the only billing service in the room, and by the end of the weekend, I had picked up 25 accounts. All of a sudden, I was a nationwide billing company! I remember feeling a bit panicky, but I was determined to figure out how to grow this company. So, I found a couple of my friends who needed work and taught them everything I knew. Ever since that conference, our growth has been steady. In fact, we were recognized for three consecutive years as being one of Utah’s top 100 fastest growing companies.  Walking that stage to get my award was truly a humbling moment for me.  This journey has involved a tremendous amount of hard work and no shortage of tears.

I have put my heart and soul into this company and I certainly have made a lot of sacrifices, as has my family. Now, many years after those hard days of being a single mom, I am happily married to my best friend, and we have a blended family of five children. I have been able to share this work opportunity with many other wonderful people. Today, Larsen Billing has a dynamic team of medical billing professionals across the country.

Why are we different? For one thing, we all enjoy the blessing of working from home. Our remote model means better work/life balance and much higher job satisfaction. It’s not really possible to put a price on how wonderful it is to do work that you absolutely love, work that is so gratifying, while still being at home for your children, being able to attend to things that they need. The flexibility is incredibly valuable, and I know this is the number one thing that my team appreciates. I love that I can offer that kind of flexibility to other people. I love the emails I get from employees sharing with me what joy this has brought into their lives. 

Perhaps it is because my team values this opportunity so much – they recognize that it’s special and different – that they go above and beyond to care for their accounts, to truly serve their providers well. We have put many processes in place over the years to make sure that we are the best at what we do. I determined at the beginning of this journey that I was going to provide excellent customer service no matter what. I researched what other billing services were doing wrong. I listened to complaints from disgruntled providers who came to me looking for something better. And I surrounded myself with very talented people as I learned to build an executive team, so that we could make sure we were the best. 

To this day, I still personally negotiate every new contract with potential clients.  I am continually amazed at their stories of terrible customer service when it comes to their billing.  I truly do not believe that any practice is served well by trusting software companies with their billing, or by hiring large medical billing companies who only care about big profits.  I am embarrassed by the industry standards in my field. There is a lack of integrity, of transparency, and of commitment to excellence. You will not experience those problems here at Larsen Billing.

If you have any billing needs whatsoever, I am confident we can customize a solution to help your practice, and I’d love to talk with you about your unique needs.

Thanks for reading our story!”

-Christine Romney, Founder & CEO



Christine has been consulting with providers in private practice since 2001. She is an expert in medical billing and coding, and a speaker in high demand. She loves consulting with other business owners to help them better operate their practices. She obtained college degrees in Office Education and Computer Applications. She often calls herself an accidental entrepreneur, because prior to LBS, her work experience consisted mostly of delivering newspapers in the middle of the night. She is still in awe of the fact that she’s a CEO of such a successful company. It has been an incredible journey, for which she is very grateful.

Christine wears many hats. She’s a passionate leader of her team at LBS, never settling for status quo, always pushing them to new heights. They lovingly joke that she’s the bullet train, and they’re just trying to keep up. She’s also a busy mom – she and her husband, Scott, have a blended family of 5 kids. Scott and Christine love to work out, whether it’s CrossFit, trail running, biking or hiking – they stay very active. They eat healthy, enjoy green smoothies, and grow their own kefir. Christine is passionate about her church service, whether it’s leading the choir, teaching young children, working with the youth, or giving presentations about food storage. She has sent two adult children on church service missions: her daughter served in Japan and her son was sent to Colombia. She also volunteers as a refugee mentor to help families who are resettled in her area. She loves spending time with her family, gardening, camping, reading, and basking in the sun.

One of the things she is most grateful for is that the LBS business model allows her to work from home, and it allows her entire team to enjoy the same blessing. It’s hard to put a price on that kind of flexibility!



Arden Hammel joined LBS in 2010.  She was looking to work from home after a battle with breast cancer.  She quickly moved up in the company and joined our leadership team in 2011.  Arden has a BA in Finance from the University of Iowa (Go Hawkeyes) and over 20 years of experience in Finance, Marketing and Business Development.  She brings valuable expertise from competitive, profit-driven industries.  That expertise helps support the development of profitable healthcare models for providers in private practice.

Arden lives on an acreage near Maquoketa, Iowa with her husband, Jon and son, Dillon.  She loves working in her gardens (flower and vegetable), fishing in their pond, and sitting by the campfire.  In the late summer/early fall, you will find her canning fruits and vegetables so that her family can enjoy their garden all year.  In addition to this, Arden has recently discovered a love for her Peloton Bike. Most mornings you will find her riding her bike that goes nowhere, while taking a class with her favorite instructor, Coach Little.

As a survivor of breast, ovarian and cervical cancer, Arden enjoys educating women and volunteering.  She volunteers for the Susan G. Komen Foundation, the Normaleah Ovarian Cancer Institute, the VA Outreach Center and her local Domestic Violence Shelter.  Each of these organizations holds a very special place in her heart.

Arden will tell you that her favorite part of her job is business development.  She loves to help providers grow their business just as much as she loves to help LBS grow.  She also loves the relationships that she develops throughout this process.



It was in the Fall of 2007 when Diane’s family went through a major financial challenge which resulted in this stay-at-home mom of 9 having to look for employment in order to help support her family. She knew about Larsen Billing Service and was drawn to it because of its business model. Those working for LBS were allowed the opportunity not only to work from home, but to work for those who have a positive impact on the communities in which they live – midwives and medical providers. Diane was hired on and quickly became one of the many ‘success stories’ of Larsen Billing Service. The LBS business model – that of teach, nurture, train, and trust those whom you work with and they will do well their part – was key in this success. This same strong business model remains in place to this day.

Diane brings just the right balance of leadership and organizational skills, coupled with her compassion and sound business sense and experience. All of these traits make her the ideal person to oversee both our Human Resources and Client Relations Departments.

When you visit with Diane, you soon come to know that she has a strong sense of faith, family values, and service. And oh, the stories she and her husband, Glen, could tell relating to their successes, failures, adventures, and lessons learned as parents of their very active and diverse children (and grandchildren)! Their family is very close and continues to be so, and the adventures just never end. But then, how could they with a family of that size (and growing)?

Diane and Glen, now empty-nesters, have recently moved from country living to living the ‘island life’ on an island that is nestled at the foot of the San Juan Islands in Washington State. With water, cycling, and hiking playing big parts in their lives, this seems a natural place for them to be. With ocean views on one side and mountain ranges on the other, slowing down just is not in their plan – not yet, anyway!

As she serves as our Client Relations Manager, Diane has the privilege of getting to know and building relationships with many of our Clients and wishes she could meet them all. She is passionate about being a true representative and spokes-person for our Clients as she understands well that our Clients are THE most important aspect of Larsen Billing Service. Her motto? To help each Client feel as if she or he is our only client.

Diane also does well in and enjoys her role as the Human Resources Manager for Larsen Billing Service. She knows that it is through the strength, loyalty, and talents of employees which builds a strong base for a company to build upon. We at Larsen Billing Service are deeply grateful for our employees; for their commitment to great work ethics, for always pushing the bar, and for creating this amazing work environment we have the privilege to be a part of each day.



Chellie has been in the insurance business since 1995, first working at insurance companies in customer service, and then becoming a claims adjudicator. She was determined to be able to work from home so she could raise her children, and she reached her goal in 2001 right before her second child was born. Her husband was transferred to Denver and the company Chellie was working for would not allow her to work out of state. That is when she found Christine and her wonderful company. Chellie started billing with Christine in 2004 when the company had about 50 clients that they were billing for. She enjoyed her work so much that she studied and obtained her Certified Professional Coder license in 2013. She has enjoyed using her knowledge of the inner workings of insurance companies to help advocate for providers. She loves working closely with our software program to enhance its practice management capabilities.

In her off time, Chellie loves to hang out with her husband and 4 children; they reside in Utah.  She loves to read, listen to music, sing and participate in local Musical Theatre productions whenever possible. She feels so blessed to be working from home for the last 16 years.



Julie has been with Larsen Billing Service since 2008. She came on board as an ager, quickly became a biller and was moved onto our management team within a year. Julie was seeking any part-time job she could do at home, but quickly found a passion for this business and made it a career. Prior to working for Larsen Billing Service, she worked for the Department of Energy, followed by an estate-planning law firm, and she also threw in some sales here and there.

Julie has six children, the youngest being a senior in high school. She’s almost an empty nester. She also has three grandchildren and now understands what all the fuss is about. Being a grandma is one of her favorite things.

Her family values traveling and experiencing new cultures, and they have traveled as a family to several countries from South America to Asia.

She and her family moved from the Bay Area to Enumclaw, Washington in 2002, yearning for more space and some hard work for their kids. They found both when they bought a 50-acre ranch equipped with some farm equipment and a herd of cows. She quickly learned more than she bargained for as she bottle-fed orphaned calves, assisted in a C-section birth (cow), learned to drive a tractor and was bucked off more than one horse. She found the transition from city life to country life exciting and often very different from what she had expected. And the kids? They learned what actual work is.

As one of our two Claims Department Managers, Julie oversees our team of claims and billing specialists. She also manages our Benefits Department. She loves managing these teams of work-from-home women who have learned to juggle career and family – which isn’t easy! Julie loves to learn and teach, and she values the relationships she has with the Larsen Billing Team and our clients.



Scott joined the LBS team in 2013. Prior to LBS, Scott provided IT support in the legal and financial services community (so yes, he’s a computer geek). He obtained Bachelor’s degrees in Finance and IT Systems from the University of Utah. Here at LBS, he is able to use both of those degrees as he manages the Finance Department and provides IT support. He has to hold his own with a lot of headstrong women, though, since he is currently the only man on a team of about 60.

Scott is an avid cyclist and has completed the LOTOJA road race 2.75 times (just half of that race is 100 miles, so he still gets credit for partial work). He also loves working out at the gym and trail running. He enjoys spending time with his wife, Christine, and their 5 children. He likes to stay busy checking things off his To-Do list, he even adds things after they are done so he can cross them off. After moving to a piece of property that has over an acre of wooded land, he bought a tractor and named her Roxanne. Christine teases him that sometimes he spends more time with Roxanne than he does with her. He loves working the land and tackling new projects.



Kim joined the LBS team in 2008, after obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a minor in Business Administration. With previous experience in management and Human Resources, she is a key player on our leadership team. Kim currently helps to manage our Claims Department, where she thrives using her strengths in communication and problem-solving abilities on a daily basis. Kim began her career here at LBS working part-time, which allowed her to work flexible hours and be home with her two young daughters, all the while continuing to gain professional experience and development. As her children have grown, so has Kim’s expertise in training and leadership, and she now works full-time in management.

Kim is very active in her daughters’ school and extracurricular activities. As a runner herself, she has been a running buddy with her daughters in a local program called Girls on the Run. She coaches both of their volleyball teams and generously chauffeurs them and their friends to various activities. Kim also volunteers in the classroom when she can, and is an AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) tutor for the middle school where her girls will soon attend. AVID is a nationwide program that targets students who are in the “middle” academically and need support in developing college readiness skills. This is an area in which Kim finds herself being drawn to, because it involves helping others succeed in whatever path they choose for themselves. This same skill set is one that she brings with her to LBS; it helps guide her in decision making and building trust and rapport with those she works with.

Kim has lived in the Pacific Northwest most of her life and enjoys all the area has to offer, including hiking, running, spending time with family and good friends, and visiting the coast!




Tiffany has been with Larsen Billing Service since 2011. She was looking for an opportunity to work from home so she could still be a mom to her 3 young kids. She started her career in verification of benefits. LBS was quick to notice her excellent technical skills, and they added a role for her in their IT department after just one month. After juggling 2 departments for a few months, it became clear that the fast-paced technical world moves on without you if you’re not ready, so she was promoted to the IT assistant manager position full-time. Two years in the department prepared her to take on even more responsibility and she accepted the position as the IT Department Manager in 2014. Tiffany’s attention to detail, commitment to serving customers and ability to problem solve at any level make her an asset to LBS.

Tiffany lives in the southwest corner of Utah in sunny St. George. She loves that it provides year-round outdoor recreation and palm trees. She loves anything nerdy, and fantasizes about taking her T.A.R.D.I.S. to live in Central City one day. In addition, Tiffany is an avid sports fan and you will find her at every one of her kids’ practices and games throughout the year. She contributes to her favorite college football team yearly and is more than willing to make the 3-hour drive to games on weekends in the fall. Go Cougs! Volunteering is a large part of Tiffany’s life. She is the southern Utah zone leader for the Utah/Idaho chapter of the Arthritis Foundation. She plans and carries out group activities for other families who are affected by this terrible disease in her area. As a national advocate and mother of a child with juvenile arthritis, you will also find her actively participating in AF fundraisers, at conferences, and at the summit on Capitol Hill in Washington DC.

Tiffany’s favorite part of her job is that it’s always changing and evolving.  She loves being presented with a puzzle or challenge and being able to solve it.  She will work tirelessly until she has figured out why something isn’t playing nicely.  She is dedicated to moving forward just as fast as her field is. In preparation for this, she is pursuing her career in Information Technology from BYU-Idaho. She is continually learning from technical conferences attended and other courses taken. She adores her career path and all that she gets to learn on a daily basis.



Amy graduated from The Ohio State University with a degree in political science. Finding herself in need of tuition to continue her education, Amy took a position working for a major health insurance company. First, she manned the phone lines, then she audited claims in dispute, and then she quickly moved into the network relations and contracting area of the business. Upon the birth of her first child, Amy decided that her kids deserved a stay at home mom. So, she spent the next several years building train tracks, reading Goodnight Moon a million times, building LEGO structures, playing house and loving every minute watching her kids grow and learn. Once her children were of school age, Amy began looking for a career opportunity that would be professionally satisfying but would also allow her to be home with her children and be able to attend all school functions as well as her children’s extracurricular activities. She was thrilled to find just the opportunity she was looking for with Larsen Billing Service.

Amy joined Larsen Billing Service in 2012 working in the verification of benefits department, but was quickly recruited to help with a newly formed department: Demographics. She worked first as an independent contractor, then as an assistant manager of the department, and now she is the manager of a department that has grown to encompass demographics, credentialing and contracting. Amy is a good fit for the department because of her strong attention to detail and persistence in navigating the complicated processes that the insurance companies impose.

Amy lives in Ohio with her amazing husband and three children who continue to get older despite her best efforts to slow down time. Her family is complete with two dogs and a bearded dragon. Her hobbies include reading, knitting, photography, scrapbooking, movie editing and chauffeuring her kids here and there. She loves cooking and baking and has fostered an adventurous streak in her children when it comes to food. She and her children are constantly looking for new recipes, techniques and cuisines to master! Common topics of conversation flying though the Moorman house are sure to include science (fiction and otherwise), robotics, which is the best ‘80s song, what to have for dinner and anything and everything to do with the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

support staff

At Larsen Billing Service, we have a dynamic team of medical billing professionals. All of our employees enjoy the benefit of working from home. We are passionate about advocating for our clients and helping you in every way possible to maximize reimbursement.

Because of our unique business model, as far as our clients are concerned, we never “call in sick”. What this means is that if a team member goes on an extended vacation or on a maternity leave, there are always many other people on staff who can get the work done, so that your account never feels a lull. Our clients enjoy peace of mind knowing that we are always available to you.

We recognize that providers in independent practice have very unique needs. We have built our business model specifically to cater to those needs and provide the best service and support to you that we can. We are only successful by helping you be successful.