“Larsen has been a fantastic partner in helping us set up good workflow processes and documentation and in improving our aging and cash collections. The entire team is friendly, knowledgeable and very responsive. Their medical billing services have helped us look at creative solutions and outsourcing options to scale our business growth.”

“Larsen Billing Service made our transition easy and effortless! We are a Midwifery Clinic, Birth Center and Family Practice all-in-one, and LBS does a fabulous job with all our billing. They are very diligent, making sure we are getting the most reimbursement possible from insurance companies. Their billers are very knowledgeable and show great effort in making sure our questions are always answered. They are a great asset to our business and we often find ourselves saying, “How did we survive before LBS?” Switching to LBS was one of the best decisions we ever made for our business!”
“I know technically we pay for Larsen’s services, and of course there is a contract that dictates how/when certain items are done, but those are just numbers on paper. You can hire anyone to do practically anything, but it doesn’t make them a part of your team. I feel like these ladies are my coworkers, which isn’t easy to accomplish when we are split by time zones and state lines. I wanted you to know how much we sincerely appreciate the whole Larsen team.”
We love LBS – we have been working with the company since March of 2013. It seems that the insurance filing procedure is becoming streamlined, and the service is friendly and thorough. We appreciate the efficient business model they have developed specifically for midwifery care clients and claims. Thank you so much, LBS!
I love working with Larsen Billing! They are consummate professionals. They run their operation smoothly and effectively, and I never have trouble reaching them. The standards they set for themselves yield maximal yet appropriate reimbursements. Many midwives do not realize they can go to jail for improper insurance billing, and they can’t avoid responsibility by blaming it on their biller! I know when I use Larsen that they know the law and are completely honest. I won’t end up in trouble, but I will get excellent reimbursement for my practice.
We are grateful for the expertise of LBS for midwives. Alaska Family Health & Birth Center, a nonprofit birth center in Fairbanks, AK, moved into our newly constructed state-of-the-art birth center in November 2012. We hired LBS in January 2012 and due to their efforts were able to qualify for a bank loan within 2 months of hiring them. This resulted in our dream for the community coming true.
I have been nothing but thoroughly impressed with the attentive care given to our account and to our myriad questions over the past few months. The entire Larsen team has been terrific. It’s provided us with much-needed peace of mind.