Our Experts are Your

Specialist Team

Our experienced compliance team will provide oversight, management or training in HIPAA compliance, Fraud, Waste and Abuse and other Financial and Regulatory Compliance needs.


HIPAA Compliance

We help you create your HIPAA compliance policy and provide you with the tools to make sure your entire staff receives ongoing HIPAA training.  

Healthcare Compliance

We offer consulting in this area, including a risk analysis of your practice to mitigate potential areas of risk and to identify areas of possible fraud, waste or abuse.  

Charts Audit

We perform a charts audit to identify issues with your billing and coding.  We identify areas where you are leaving money on the table or where you are overbilling.  We look at your incident to billing practices to make sure you are billing appropriately.  

Financial Policies

We offer a review of your fee schedules and financial policies.  If your fee schedules are inappropriate, we identify what you need to fix.  We make sure you have strong policies when it comes to write-offs, patient collections, balance billing, etc.  

Billing Services

We offer a full scope of billing services to providers and practices across any specialty.  See our menu of services here.


Our professional team can help support your practice through consulting in billing, setting up a new practice and more. See our consulting services here.