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Our Consulting Program

Who is our consulting service for?

Hiring a remote billing service is not for everyone. While our number one goal would be to show you why hiring us to do your billing is in your best interests, we do understand that some practices wish to keep their billing in-house. This is why we offer full consulting services with regards to how to bill insurance. We do not consult with billing services, but we do offer training to in-house staff or to billers who work for only one practice. We can train as many of your staff as needed with regards to billing and follow-up processes.

Why is our consulting so valuable?

We arm you with all the information, tools and tips your staff will need to efficiently perform the following critical functions: verifying benefits, billing, following up on all claims, posting payments, and appealing denials. Consider the impact that this information will have on your bottom line: you will be able to get properly reimbursed for everything you do! Your staff will be trained in all the areas they need to be. The potential income in insurance reimbursements from this information could mean hundreds of thousands of dollars for your practice.


What areas do we consult in?

We specialize in teaching billing and coding for:

How does the program work?

Your package includes up to eight hours of scheduled training via several phone conferences, including webinars and PowerPoint presentations, delivered in 90-minute sessions. It also includes follow-up emails and phone calls for 90 days to provide support while you are implementing this new information into your practice. (Ongoing access after 90 days can be negotiated for a monthly subscription fee.) We also provide you with supporting documents, superbills, resources and study materials pertinent to the training. You are free to utilize all of these materials as long as you keep it in-house and do not share our proprietary information with anyone outside of your practice.

Consider staff size first

Make sure you have enough people in place before we start training your staff. Unless your practice is quite small, please do not expect that one person can handle all of the billing functions. Hire enough staff to cover billing and coding of all claims, electronic set-ups, demographics, credentialing, verification of benefits, obtaining authorizations, following-up regularly and aggressively on all outstanding claims, posting payments, and appealing denials. This does not include any front office work; we recommend additional personnel for those functions.

If you are overwhelmed by the thought of how many staff you will need to perform all of those duties, please speak with us about hiring us to do all of your billing — that may be a better option for you.

Have realistic expectations

We have decades' worth of experience and knowledge here. We will do our best to train your staff on all of the information they need to perform your billing functions. However, it will still take some trial and error on their part to learn all of the nuances of insurance billing.

Heritage Birth Center

What a happy client said about our Consulting Service

I would definitely recommend the billing training with Larsen to any midwife or birthing center looking to start their own billing or to learn how to bill more effectively to increase revenue! Christine was great at individualizing the training, figuring out what I already knew and spending time only on things I needed help with, which utilized our training time quite efficiently. Having the ability to touch base with her for follow-up on billing issues I was having while implementing new billing techniques and codes was so important and helpful.

Heritage Birth Center, Palmer, AK

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