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Demographic Changes to Your Account

Making changes to your practice? Be sure to keep Larsen Billing Service informed of any pertinent changes to your name, credentials, practice name, tax ID, address, etc. It is critical that we update the insurance companies as soon as possible with your new information so that this does not impact your cash flow more than necessary. This also applies if you are opening up a birth center or other facility, or adding additional providers to your practice.

Please download the Demographics Change Form and send it to us as soon as possible when changes need to be made.

Welcome to Larsen Billing Service

We are the premier billing service for professionals in independent practice. Whether you are a new or experienced care provider or an insurance member, we have services to meet your unique needs.

For many years, Larsen Billing Service has provided comprehensive insurance billing and collection services to healthcare practices across the country.

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What We Do

  • Maternity Billing
  • Facility Billing
  • Family Practice Billing
  • Primary Care Billing
  • Specialty Practice Billing
  • Verification of Benefits
  • Demographics
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Consulting
  • Patient Billing

Just like you, our bottom line is healthy families, but that can't happen without maximized insurance reimbursement. Put our personalized experience to work for you.

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