Join Our Team

Join Our Team

Larsen Billing offers a unique opportunity to work in the medical billing field from the comforts of your own home. As an employee, you would enjoy a flexible schedule. We believe that this flexibility is incredibly valuable to our team members, who are able to enjoy a better work-life balance than what they had before joining our team.

“I love working for Larsen Billing Service! I have always enjoyed learning, and I love the opportunity I have to learn new things every day. I also appreciate the opportunity I have to contribute to my family financially, while still having the flexibility to take care of the other things that are important in my life.”

-Jennie McFarland, Employee

“I’ve been blessed to work for Larsen Billing Service for over ten years! It is so nice to not have to drive to work each day and to be able to have a flexible schedule which allows me to be available to my family. Larsen Billing Service has given me opportunities to learn and grow as an employee and it is very fulfilling to work with our providers, develop friendships with them, and understand the importance of the services they provide.”

-Maile Mudaliar, Junior Account Manager

“Working for Larsen Billing Service has really been a dream job! Working here means that I can work around my family’s schedule, live where ever our lives take us, and stay in my pajamas if that’s what the day calls for. And you can’t beat the coworkers!” 

-Melissa Engelbrecht, Employee

Due to the volume of inquiries, we are not always able to discuss individual questions. We will contact you via email if we are interested in considering you for a position.