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No software to buy!

At Larsen Billing Service, we make software a non-issue. First of all, there is no software to buy – we are not a software company. Secondly, if you are not currently utilizing a decent medical billing software program, we have already contracted with one, and the use of that software is included in your package. Lastly, if you already have a great software program that you love, as long as it is web-based, we can use it too! Therefore, we can work with any web-based medical billing program or EMR that you are currently utilizing.

As explained above, if you do not have your own medical billing software that you would like us to utilize, there is a great software company that we work with: CollaborateMD. View their website here. You pay nothing for this program, as it is included in our package. You have 24/7 viewing access to everything we are doing on your account, including claim status. You may also choose to utilize the software to track the cash-pay portion of your practice, but there is no requirement to use this software. CollaborateMD also offers other practice management solutions that you are welcome to take advantage of. Below are some of the key benefits to using CollaborateMD:

ICD-10 Ready

CollaborateMD is prepared for the change to ICD-10 that will take place October, 1 2015. They have already tested their readiness with all carriers so there will be no interruption in billing when this change comes.

Unlimited Users

You can add as many users to your account as you would like, as well as controlling what access each individual person in your office has.

Unlimited Upgrades & Updates

CollaborateMD has an in-house development team that releases complimentary updates and upgrades in a timely manner to keep up with the technological changes that happen on a yearly basis.

24/7 Accessibility

You can access your practice information at any time from any computer that has internet access.


No industry has higher standards for security than healthcare. That is why CollaborateMD protects all data with the highest form of security possible. This includes complying with the latest HIPAA rulings and guidelines.

Integration with some EHR/EMRs

CollaborateMD has created a seamless integration of services with these EHR/EMR partners.

Appointment Scheduling

You can elect to sign up for scheduling through CollaborateMD — click here to see their features page. Because we include access to CollaborateMD in your Larsen Billing Service package, this feature is yours to enjoy just for being our client!

CollaborateMD Training

Learning and using new computer software can be difficult and even intimidating at first. That is why Larsen Billing Service has put together a series of videos designed to help ease you into using CollaborateMD. Feel free to download and view the videos at your convenience.

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