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Larsen Billing is a fantastic partner

Larsen has been a fantastic partner in helping us set up good workflow processes and documentation, improve our aging and cash collections. The entire team is friendly, knowledgeable and very responsive. They have helped us look at creative solutions and outsourcing options to scale our business growth.

Heidi Fritz, COO Baby+Company

How did we survive before LBS?

We have had the pleasure of working with Larsen Billing Service for the past 10 months. They made our transition easy and effortless! We are a Midwifery Clinic, Birth Center and Family Practice all-in-one, and LBS does a fabulous job with all our billing. They are very diligent, making sure we are getting the most reimbursement possible from insurance companies. Their billers are very knowledgeable and show great effort in making sure our questions are always answered. They are a great asset to our business and we often find ourselves saying, "How did we survive before LBS?" Switching to LBS was one of the best decisions we ever made for our business!

Mat-Su Midwifery & Family Health, Wasilla, AK

Our cash flow on insurance clients has almost DOUBLED since hiring LBS

We replaced our in-house biller when we hired LBS. At that time, we had a huge amount of outstanding claims, but within the first 90 days, LBS had successfully reprocessed and closed the large Birth Center and Global claims we had billed prior to hiring them. The best part of all is that our cash flow on insurance clients has almost DOUBLED since hiring LBS. We could not be happier with their results!

Jean Stokes, CPM, Austin, TX

Heritage Birth Center

What a happy client said about our Consulting Service

I would definitely recommend the billing training with Larsen to any midwife or birthing center looking to start their own billing or to learn how to bill more effectively to increase revenue! Christine was great at individualizing the training, figuring out what I already knew and spending time only on things I needed help with, which utilized our training time quite efficiently. Having the ability to touch base with her for follow-up on billing issues I was having while implementing new billing techniques and codes was so important and helpful.

Heritage Birth Center, Palmer, AK

One of the best business decisions I have made

Bringing Larsen Billing into my practice was one of the best business decisions I have made. Not only has it allowed me to spend time doing what I love — spending time with patients — it has taken the stress off the total responsibility of the financial piece of my practice. Working with my biller could not be easier. Having a billing company takes the "money" piece away from your relationship with the client and allows energy and time to focus on their care. I cannot stress enough how happy I am working with Larsen. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to spend less time with billing and more time focusing on patient care.

Ellie Griffinger, CNM, Berkeley, CA

They know the law and are completely honest

I love working with Larsen Billing! They are consummate professionals. They run their operation smoothly and effectively, and I never have trouble reaching them. The standards they set for themselves yield maximal yet appropriate reimbursements. Many midwives do not realize they can go to jail for improper insurance billing, and they can't avoid responsibility by blaming it on their biller! I know when I use Larsen that they know the law and are completely honest. I won't end up in trouble, but I will get excellent reimbursement for my practice.

Suzanne Smith, Better Birth, LLC, Orem, UT

Our dream for the community came true

We are grateful for the expertise of LBS for midwives. Alaska Family Health & Birth Center, a nonprofit birth center in Fairbanks, AK, moved into our newly constructed state-of-the-art birth center in November 2012. We hired LBS in January 2012 and due to their efforts were able to qualify for a bank loan within 2 months of hiring them. This resulted in our dream for the community coming true.

Dana Brown, CDM, CPM & Cheryl A. Corrick, CDM, CPM, Fairbanks, AK

The service is friendly and thorough

We love LBS — we have been working with the company since March of 2013. It seems that the insurance filing procedure is becoming streamlined, and the service is friendly and thorough. We appreciate the efficient business model they have developed specifically for midwifery care clients and claims. Thank you so much, LBS!

The Farm Midwifery Center, Summertown, TN

I love having Larsen on my side

I love having Larsen on my side. My clients consistently get professional treatment, and often reimbursement that is beyond their expectations. My biller is amazing and helpful and goes out of her way to explain the many complexities of insurance billing. I talk to clients about Larsen as though it's part of my midwifery business and that's because it is. I could not be happier with my choice to go with Larsen!

Kelly Olmstead, LM, CPM, Santa Cruz, CA

What a happy patient said about our in-network exception letter

After sending in the "request for in-network exception" letter that you provided, the customer service rep said (paraphrasing): "You've provided great content and facts in your letter. It's well written and clear. This will make our job a lot easier." I am thrilled this worked out. GREAT RESULTS! Thank you, Larsen Billing Service!

Jen Norris

Welcome to Larsen Billing Service

We are the premier billing service for professionals in independent practice. Whether you are a new or experienced care provider or an insurance member, we have services to meet your unique needs.

For many years, Larsen Billing Service has provided comprehensive insurance billing and collection services to healthcare practices across the country.

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Just like you, our bottom line is healthy families, but that can't happen without maximized insurance reimbursement. Put our personalized experience to work for you.

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