The Larsen Billing

The Larsen Billing

What makes Larsen Billing different from other billing companies?


1. Larsen Billing is not a software company.

We don’t believe in software companies that try to sell you medical billing services.  In our experience, this is never a good thing for your practice. Most software companies have overseas representatives who do a terrible job representing you.  They don’t understand your specialty or the specific nuances of your practice, nor do they study the various idiosyncrasies that characterize each of your insurance payors.  These software companies count on the idea that if they go after the low-hanging fruit and generate at least some cash flow for you, you won’t notice all the money you are losing in denials and bad write-offs.  Larsen Billing provides you with a dedicated team of real people who represent your practice effectively and who get you paid for all of the services you provide.

2. Larsen Billing is not a huge billing company with a board of directors whose primary objective is to increase profits.

We honestly believe that the large medical billing companies out there are run by people who focus on increasing profits and not on customer service.  At Larsen Billing, we don’t answer to a board of directors. Our CEO works closely with our executive team, and the goal of these 9 passionate people is to make sure that all of our clients are taken care of, big and small.  Our CEO personally negotiates every new contract to make sure we are customizing a solution to meet your unique needs.

3. Larsen Billing doesn’t have a corporate building.

Our unique business model means that we all work from home.  Our employees are passionate about the medical billing industry and come with years of experience and certifications proving their knowledge in this area.  But they also get to work from the comforts of their home, doing work they are passionate about, while also taking care of their families. This work/life balance is an invaluable benefit to each person who works at Larsen Billing.  This wonderful flexibility means employees stay longer and are much happier with their jobs now than what they’ve experienced with other positions.

4. Larsen Billing doesn’t believe in write-offs.

We hear countless stories of practices who have lost an incredible amount of money due to timely filing denials and standard write-offs imposed by other billing companies or software systems.  This is not the Larsen Billing way. Although contractual write-offs cannot be avoided, we believe in preventing every unnecessary write-off that we possibly can. We go after every dime that is billed, and we work hard on your insurance collections and your patient collections.  We do not believe in an acceptable percentage of write-offs. If it is collectible, we will make every attempt to get you paid.

5. Our patient collections process is friendly, thorough and effective.

Some companies believe that robocalls are effective for patient collections, but this is not the Larsen Billing way.  We believe in the power of real people. Our patient collections team makes friendly calls a couple of weeks after patient statements go out to make sure the bill was received and to answer any questions about it.  We take payments over the phone and set up payment plans as needed. Patients can also see their claim status online and pay their bill through our patient portal. Regular phone calls continue until the account is paid in full.  After 120 days, we can send to collections with your approval, but our success rate is so high that we send very few accounts to collections.

6. Larsen Billing separates billing from follow-up.

Medical billing professionals typically wear too many hats, and we know that when things get stressful, the AR falls by the wayside in order to get billing out the door on time.  This always leads to lost revenue, which is why at Larsen Billing, we have separate teams for each function. We believe our aging process is our secret sauce. The people on our aging team have one job: to follow-up on every outstanding claim every month and report on it.  The job gets done because our agers are not distracted by other parts of the revenue cycle management process. We go after every claim, we work your AR aggressively, and you get paid appropriately.

7. We never call in sick.

Many practices use in-house billing staff. You have to hire and train those folks, keep them up to speed on the latest information, provide office space and equipment for them, provide benefits, etc.  What happens if they have a crisis in their life and can’t come to the office? Your billing and cash flow can immediately suffer. With Larsen Billing, you have the peace of mind of knowing we will never leave you in the lurch.  If life happens to one person on our team, we always have someone else who can pick up the slack, and you won’t feel a lull.