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About Larsen Billing

Learn more about the Larsen Billing story and our amazing team.

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Our Story

For over 20 years, Larsen Billing has gone above and beyond to support our clients so you can focus on what you do best – care for your patients. We are committed to being the best at what we do, and our knowledgeable, friendly staff provides excellent customer service.

Today, Larsen Billing is proud to have a team of talented, committed staff who are intelligent, effective, and working from home to support our families.

Fearless Leaders Team Member Stories

Our Fearless Leaders

Our team of talented Executive Officers and Leaders provide the vision, clarity, direction and strength for Larsen Billing & Consulting.
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Christine Romney

President, Certified Professional Compliance Office

Christine has owned and led Larsen Billing for over 20 years. She leads the company with passion and tenacity while respecting the autonomy of our team. She is very involved with our clients; she signs up every new account herself and handles Client Relations. She also consults with providers about healthcare compliance.

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Sara Krumbah

HR, Systems Application Manager

Sara has been with Larsen Billing for over 10 years. With tremendous attention to detail and many skills, Sara helps to support the functions of the company across several departments. She handles HR, trains new agers, manages payer portal access, is our liaison with our billing software system, helps with scheduling and handles many other essential functions. She is one of our most trusted leaders.

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Ginger Burkett

Patient Relations Team Lead

Ginger has been with Larsen Billing for almost 5 years and does a wonderful job leading her teams. She oversees our benefits team, our patient collections team and our patient hotline. She presents our friendly patient collections process to our providers so that they can enjoy the benefits of these great services.

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Dani Jones

Auditor, Claims Department Lead

Dani came to Larsen Billing as a Registered Nurse with over 15 years of experience as a Certified Professional Coder and Auditor. She is a tremendous asset to our team, supporting our billers when they need coding help and overseeing our auditing protocols. She offers charts audits and provider education for our accounts to help them ensure that their charting supports all the care they provide.

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Maile Mudaliar

Trainer, Claims Department Lead

Maile has worked with us as a biller/account manager for over 16 years. When new billers start with us, Maile oversees their orientation and training period to make sure they are comfortable with our systems and processes. She helps to lead the Claims Department by supporting our team when they have questions or need assistance.

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A Few Team Member Stories

Learn what it’s like to work at Larsen Billing from our best-in-class team of medical billing associates and experts.

Working for Larsen Billing Service has been an amazing experience and I am honored to work for a company who cares so much about their clients and employees.

I have spent my entire career in the office environment and made the best decision by accepting a remote billing position with LBS.  Every employee has been super helpful and supportive along with the management team who provides the tools and resources needed to perform.  Even though we are not in person, our weekly virtual meetings foster togetherness.  I look forward to logging in daily to help our providers obtain maximum reimbursement for the services that they have provided and deserve.

Debbie Barron

Debbie Barron


What I love most about my job is 1) the people I work with, and 2) the freedom to create a way of working that works best for me.

I have been privileged enough to work with Larsen Billing for the past four years in different capacities. I have always loved that the managers I have worked with did not micro-manage, and I’ve proven that they don’t need to. Larsen Billing hires THE BEST people, and I’ve always found it easy to fit in, and get help when I need it. I have been heard and trusted from day 1 and am grateful for all the support and training I’ve received for my professional development and growth.

Chelsea Roberts

Chelsea Roberts

Credentialing Specialist

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