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Credentialing & Contracting that Increases Clean Claims

Our credentialing teams help you increase clean claims by keeping your provider credentials up-to-date and by making sure you have strong payer contracts.

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About Our Credentialing & Contracting Services

Healthcare credentialing protects patients and ensures compliance with federal and state laws. It is the medical practice’s responsibility to verify all provider credentials properly. Clean claims rely on timely and accurate provider credentialing and strong contracts.

This is why we offer the following credentialing and contracting services:

  • Credentialing/Provider Enrollment
  • Negotiating new contracts and fee schedules
  • Reviewing and renegotiating existing contracts
  • Processing demographic changes with payers
  • Loading out-of-network providers/facilities if applicable

Our Payer Relations team is well-versed in negotiating with the insurance plans.  We communicate effectively with the payers, we advocate on your behalf.  Our #1 goal is to make sure you get paid properly for all the care you provide.

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54% of medical practices reported that denials related to provider credentialing increased in 2021.

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We know that pain points with provider enrollment issues lead to lost revenue

We know medical practices have many challenges with provider credentialing and keeping records up-to-date.

The primary credentialing issues include:

  • Long delays in processing new provider applications
  • Lack of communication from payers to medical practices
  • Frequently changing and varying requirements
  • Closed networks/issues with new plans
  • Outright discrepancies

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Benefits of partnering with us

We want you to have peace of mind about your billing and cash flow so that you can fully focus on patient care. That is why we work so hard to support you in every area that we can.

Modio Software

We use best-in-class credentialing software that houses all the data in one place.


Credentialing and contracting can be lengthy processes; we set realistic expectations for timeframes.

Full Transparency

We provide consistent reports of exactly where we are in the credentialing and contracting processes and what we need from you.

Payer Relations Experts

Our team members are experts in provider enrollment, obtaining new contracts, and renegotiating existing contracts.

Better Fee Schedule

We negotiate with payers on your behalf and fight for you to get paid at the best rates we can.

Correct Data

This is the most critical aspect of credentialing and contracting; we ensure your data is correct with payers.

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