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Billing Services for Midwives and Birthing Centers

Midwifery and Birth Center Billing Experts

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Billing Services for Midwives and Birthing Centers

Larsen is the most experienced billing company in the nation for midwives and birth centers; Larsen has served over 600 midwifery accounts nationwide.

Larsen got its start in 2001 by billing for midwives and birth centers.  Over the years, we have advocated for hundreds of midwives and birth centers to get paid by insurance companies with tremendous results.  We understand the midwifery model of care, and we educate the payers as to why they should cover your services.  We have trained dozens of billers in midwifery billing since this isn’t generally taught in schools.

We also help practices get set up correctly for insurance billing.  Whether you have insurance contracts or would like to bill out-of-network, we can handle all of it.  If you aren’t sure which option is better, we can help you make that decision.

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midwife challenges Billing Services

We understand your unique challenges as Midwives and Birth Centers

Getting paid for out-of-hospital birth isn’t easy, but we know more than any other company how to get the results you need.

The primary challenges include:

  • Payers not recognizing you as payable
  • Errors in demographics and/or credentialing information that affects claims
  • A shortage of CNMs
  • Confusion around who a group practice should bill under
  • Low pay rates
  • Lack of codes for some of the care you provide
  • Payers not willing to credential/contract you
  • Lack of billers who understand the nuances of midwifery and birth center billing
  • Questions regarding billing insurance versus billing your patients

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How We Help You

Larsen has been the premier midwifery and birth center billing company for over 20 years. We have billed in every state in the country except for four! We are well-versed at fighting for midwives and birth center contracts when panels are open to it. We are experts at billing out-of-network and fighting for top payment if that is a better fit for your practice. We make sure your information with payers is correct so that your claims will go through. We educate your team about all the codes you should be billing to get paid properly for everything you do.

We give you a highly qualified team with whom you build a relationship; our team becomes an extension of your staff.  These are midwifery and birth center billing experts.  Aside from a qualified biller, you are assigned an assertive ager whose sole focus is to work on every outstanding claim each month and report back. If you have us handle patient billing, you are assigned a rep who makes friendly calls to your patients to discuss their account balances and answer questions they have about their statements. This same rep can also handle all of your verification of benefits needs.  If you hire us for credentialing/contracting, you are assigned an experienced rep who will handle your needs and provide consistent status updates.

We make sure your practice is set up correctly with payers. We credential all of your providers if needed and track the information through excellent software that interfaces with payers. We apply for contracts if needed and fight to get appropriate payment rates. We review any existing contracts and attempt contract renegotiations when appropriate.

We verify maternity benefits and provide you and your patient with a report.  We bill your claims correctly, post payments, and fight all denials/underpayments. We analyze your Accounts Receivable and help you understand what the data means.  We can work with your patients to collect any upfront payment plans. We reconcile patient accounts after processing insurance claims and handle patient billing if needed.

Our team helps your midwifery practice run more smoothly. We understand your challenges and can offer training to help your staff do their jobs more effectively.

We train you in healthcare and security compliance. We make sure your financial policies are sound. We analyze your areas of risk and audit your charts. We keep you out of trouble.

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midwife billing Billing Services

Benefits of partnering with us

It’s very difficult to find a great billing service that knows how to navigate all the nuances of midwifery and birth center billing.  Take advantage of our experience working with hundreds of midwives over the years.
We know exactly what you need and we deliver.

Specialized Team

We assign you a highly qualified team who works closely with you and becomes an extension of your staff.

Clean Claims

Our billing and coding experts make sure that your claims are billed accurately to prevent delays.

Full Transparency

We want you to see all of the work we do on your claims and to understand the data.

Aggressive Aging

Your ager’s sole job is to work every outstanding claim on your A/R every month and report back.

Denials and Appeals

We fight inappropriate denials and underpaid claims with aggressive appeals to make sure that you are paid properly.

Patient Collections

We manage cash payment plans, answer patient questions about their bill, and reconcile accounts after insurance pays.

Excellent Software

Our billing software is easy to use and accessible to all your staff.  We can also bill out of your software if needed.

Credentialing and Contracting

We keep your credentialing current and handle any contracting needs you have.

Clear Communication

We meet with you regularly to discuss workflows and analyze your data.

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