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Healthcare Billing Services

Larsen Billing, the premier medical billing company, ensures you’re getting paid correctly while focusing on patient care.

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About Our Healthcare Billing Company

We give you a highly qualified billing team; your work doesn’t fall into a general queue. You will know your primary contact and communicate with them directly; our team will become an extension of your office staff.  We wholeheartedly believe in the power of real people.

We believe you should see everything your billing company does on your behalf.  We provide 100% transparency.  You can see all the claims we bill out, every note we make on outstanding claims, and all reports data.

We can work on any software platform.  Most of our accounts utilize CollaborateMD (CMD).  CMD is the most user-friendly practice management software system we have used; we will set up a CMD account for you if needed.

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Patients, please do not use this form. Instead, contact your provider directly.

The Healthcare Billing Services We Offer

We offer a suite of health billing services and custom solutions across many different practice types to help your team increase efficiency and grow your medical practice in 2023.

We handle the billing of all of your claims, making sure they are being accepted electronically. We discuss any coding or charting issues with you to make sure your charts support all the care you bill for. We help you streamline front-office protocols to ensure clean claims are being billed the first time.

We set you up for Electronic Remittance Advice as needed. We review your payments to make sure they are correct. If a claim didn’t process correctly, we leave it on the A/R so we can fight for the correct payment.

Our aging team must work on every outstanding claim every month until each one is processed correctly. We note all our efforts in the software so you can see everything we are doing. If you have old Accounts Receivable that needs attention, we can tackle this project.

We automatically and aggressively appeal your denials without you prompting us.  Our appeals team is detail-oriented and thorough.  The appeals tactics we use are extremely effective.

Our specialized team sends out monthly statements, makes friendly follow-up calls to your patients, arranges for payment plans as needed, answers patient questions about their bills, and takes payments over the phone.  We often hear comments about how much patients enjoy working with our friendly staff.

Our credentialing specialists are experienced and thorough. We utilize credentialing software, which enables us to send electronic applications on your behalf to the payers.  The software alerts us of missed information and re-credentialing deadlines so that all bases are covered.

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Our contracting specialists apply for contracts with Medicaid, managed care plans, Medicare, Tricare, and commercial payers of your choice. We can negotiate fee schedules for you and help you decide if contract offers are in your best interest. We can also renegotiate existing contracts.

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We conduct a risk analysis to identify the areas your practice should focus on.  We perform a chart audit to ensure compliance with your charting and billing procedures.  We help you develop and implement written compliance policies and procedures.

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Our leadership team helps you identify practice management issues that are holding you back from optimal results.

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