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Medical Billing Made Easy

Our medical billing agency ensures you’re getting paid correctly while you focus on patient care.

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About Our Billing and Claims Services

With over 20 years of experience working with hundreds of practices nationwide, our team understands your pain points and how to solve your problems.

The most significant issues providers report that cause them to reach out to us are:

  1. Their denials aren’t being appropriately worked.
  2. They haven’t had access to their claims data.
  3. They need help with credentialing and getting better contracts.

We are the medical billing partner solution to these issues and many others. Our biggest goal is to review all areas of the revenue cycle management process to ensure you are getting paid appropriately for all the care you render.

  1. Our highly-trained remote team works hard to build relationships with our clients.
  2. We hold regular meetings with your team to ensure excellent communication and smooth workflows.
  3. We assist your staff in improving front office functions to reduce errors and patient complaints.
  4. We work alongside your in-house team providing support wherever needed.

Our team becomes an integral part of your team because we believe that’s how companies that do medical billing should operate.

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Patients, please do not use this form. Instead, contact your provider directly.

What We Do

There are many medical billing and coding organizations, however, we are one of the few medical billing partners that offer full billing services as well as custom solutions to meet your needs.

We bill your claims correctly and fight all denials. We analyze your Accounts Receivable so you don’t have to. We worry about the cash flow so you can focus on patient care. Our team becomes an extension of your team.

We train you in healthcare and security compliance. We make sure your financial policies are sound. We analyze your areas of risk and audit your charts. Basically, we keep you out of trouble.

We send in electronic applications to payers so they can’t lose your data. We don’t miss deadlines. We apply for new contracts and negotiate existing ones. You can be as involved as you want, or just leave it all to us.

Our leadership team helps you identify practice management issues that are holding you back from optimal results.

We can conduct provider education sessions focused on proper documentation/charting, understanding the requirements to support CPT codes, and appropriate supervision and incident-to-billing protocols.

We understand the complexities of these issues in your medical practice, and we help keep you compliant.

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