We Make Sure You Get Paid.


We bill your claims correctly and fight all denials. We analyze your Accounts Receivable so you don’t have to.  We worry about the cash flow so you can focus on patient care. Our team becomes an extension of your team. 


We send in electronic applications to payers so they can’t lose your data. We don’t miss deadlines. We apply for new contracts and negotiate existing ones. You can be as involved as you want, or just leave it all to us. 


We train you in healthcare and security compliance.  We make sure your financial policies are sound. We analyze your areas of risk and audit your charts.  Basically, we keep you out of trouble. 


We teach your staff how to do everything that we do, or we work alongside your team to lighten their load.  We don’t care who does the work – we just want it to be done right so that you are successful.

I’ve been using Larsen for 3+ years now and have been very happy.  I especially have enjoyed the relationships with their staff that work on our account who are knowledgeable and respond very quickly to our questions.”

“Larsen Billing Service made our transition easy and effortless! They are very diligent, making sure we are getting the most reimbursement possible…their billers are very knowledgeable and…they are a great asset to our business. Switching to LBS was one of the best decisions we ever made for our business!”

I know technically we pay for Larsen’s services, and of course there is a contract..but those are just numbers on paper… I feel like these ladies are my coworkers, which isn’t easy to accomplish when we are split by time zones and state lines. I wanted you to know how much we sincerely appreciate the whole Larsen team.”