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Minimize Risk and Ensure Healthcare Compliance

Why is healthcare compliance important? If your medical practice doesn’t have a documented corporate compliance plan and program in place and you are fined for fraudulent billing, the cost of damages can be devastating.

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About Our Medical Practice and Healthcare Compliance Services

Paying attention to healthcare compliance is critical to ensure your medical practice is in line with federal, state, and payer guidelines.

The problem is that many practices don’t have the time to ensure billing procedures are up to date. This is especially critical when submitting claims to government payers.  If fraudulent billing practices occur and compliance guidelines are not followed correctly, the practice is at significant risk of fines, loss of licensure, and other penalties.

Our healthcare compliance consulting firm can help! Our Certified Professional Compliance team can provide the tools you need to ensure your compliance plan is solid.

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While the price of implementing compliance measures for healthcare organizations averages $80,000, that’s a far cry from a possible $8.3 million needed if a data breach occurs.

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We understand the compliance challenges that medical practices face

With compliance, it’s hard to know where to start. Some practices don’t have time for chart reviews.  Many practices have providers who would benefit from education regarding better charting.  A simple risk analysis is an excellent activity to help your healthcare practice identify your most significant risk areas; our healthcare compliance company can help you with this process.

The primary compliance issues include:

  • Small practices don’t have a compliance officer or plan
  • Compliance can feel daunting, so it gets deprioritized
  • Training and education aren’t consistent
  • Practices are unaware of their level of risk
  • A lack of understanding about healthcare compliance regulations
  • Fines by government payers/entities for fraudulent billing are significant

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What We Do

Our Certified Professional Compliance team can provide peace of mind by assisting you in developing and implementing your compliance plan for your practice.

Enjoy peace of mind by having us conduct a risk analysis and healthcare compliance audit, to get you on the path to compliance, and provide staff training and support.

If you don’t have the appropriate staff to assign someone internally to be your Compliance Officer, we can discuss having us fill this role for you remotely.

We help you create a strong compliance plan for your practice. This can be a daunting task, so we do the heavy lifting for you. We set goals with you to make sure the plan is properly implemented into your practice.

We provide you with tools to make sure your staff receives consistent training in Fraud, Waste and Abuse, HIPAA, and other important compliance areas.

We perform a charts audit to identify issues with your billing and coding.  We identify areas where you are leaving money on the table or where you are overbilling.  We look at your incident to billing practices to make sure you are billing appropriately.  

We offer a review of your fee schedules and financial policies.  If your fee schedules are inappropriate, we identify what you need to fix.  We make sure you have strong policies when it comes to write-offs, patient collections, balance billing, etc.  

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