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& Contracting Team

Our experienced payer team will help ensure your credentialing and contracting is accurate, accepted and getting you the best rates. 

Credentialing & contracting services



Our specialized Payer Relations team utilizes credentialing software which enables us to send electronic applications on your behalf to the payers.  This is much more effective than the outdated practice of faxing applications to the payers that often get lost.  The software alerts us of missed information and re-credentialing deadlines so that all bases are covered.  We can make assignments to you within the software to expedite certain tasks or gather information from you.  We know how critical proper credentialing is to your bottom line.  We can also manage your CAQH and re-attestations.  



Our Payer Relations team applies for contracts with Medicaid, managed care plans, Medicare, Tricare, and commercial payers of your choice.  We keep you apprised of where we are in the process. We negotiate fee schedules on your behalf and help you decide if contract offers are in your best interest.  We can also renegotiate existing contracts. 

Decision to be In or Out of Network

We have many clients who run successful practices while remaining out-of-network with some or all payers.  We do not believe that contracting is necessarily the golden path; there are pros and cons to both.  Remaining out-of-network means you choose your fees, and sometimes that equates to higher revenues.  However, the main advantage of being contracted means lower costs for your patients.  We are happy to discuss our viewpoints on both and offer consulting in this area.  As a national billing company, we have a good view of the various points you should consider. 



We can set up your practices with all the major payers as out-of-network. This is the first step for any practice new to billing insurance.  If you are considering getting contracted, we recommend you accept out-of-network reimbursements for a time; this will allow you to make more informed decisions when you review contract offers later so you can compare rates. Many practices that come to us have terrible issues with their payer setups, and this drastically affects their bottom line.  We highly recommend you allow our specialized team to set you up with payers, whether you hire us for billing services or not.  



We offer full billing services for providers, practices and clinics across multiple specialties. See our Billing Services here.


Our team offers consulting services in billing, setting up a practice and more. See our menu of consulting services here. 

“It was not until we made the change to Larsen that we realized just how unorganized our credentialing had been with our payors.  They have a very efficient Credentialing Department that completes all credentialing matters in short order. ” Philip W. Hunt, MD – Armadillo Medical Services in TN